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Examples of Projects:

Migration and Consolidation of 40+ instances and 200+ databases

Following a Microsoft licensing audit, our client was facing a 1M euros bill. They decided to reduce the costs by 5 by consolidating and migrating to SQL 2016 SP1. Different phases composed this project, such as Inventory, Planning, Trace collection, Auditing, Bench-marking, Migration assistant, Migration, Performance Analysis, Optimisations, Follow up. At the end of the project, our client had SQL instances configured according to Microsoft best practices, better performance, and had saved hundreds of thousands of euros.

Architecture Design

Our client had SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, MDS, all sitting together. The OLTP databases were cohabiting with the BI databases. All this led to security issues  as well as some huge performance issues. We provided a new architecture to separate the roles, taking into account the budget restrictions. Once the new architecture was approved, we planned the migration and implemented it. The new topology now delivers much better performance.

Performance Optimisation

One of the world leaders in Retail had some massive performance issues. We optimised their queries and helped them reach some decent performance, customer satisfaction improving from “Very Frustrated” to “Very Satisfied”. Some of the queries went from 15hours to 3s.

SQL Server Health Check

Our client had all sorts of issues on their critical SQL Server, from connection timeouts to maintenance job failing, to important error messages such as a corrupted database in the error logs, etc. We delivered a SQL Health Check which reported over 60 issues. They also asked us to help implement some of the recommendations. Their critical server is much more stable and they hardly have any issues to the point they decided to get rid of their DBA.

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