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To get the most from your investment in SQL Server Database products bring in expertise from QUBARK, we will work side by side with your team to deliver value to your business. Not only will we ensure that you gain the most from your deployments, upgrades and migrations, we will also ensure that your teams will benefit via expert knowledge transfer through root cause analysis methods and proactive services.


Take advantage of QUBARK’s knowledge and experience across 100’s of customers. By sharing our expertise, we can help you reach your ideal SQL Server availability, stability and performance goals. The Health and Risk Audit will expose any vulnerabilities in your SQL Server infrastructure and additionally your operational processes. This will help diagnose causes and symptoms, which enables you to take a proactive approach toward reducing problems.
We don’t even need physical access to your servers to perform the Health and Risk Audit. We send you a tool that collects the data (only XML files are produced so you can see for yourself that no sensitive data is collected) and you can then upload the output folder which saves you time and hassle. After analysis of the data a detailed report listing all the issues and recommendations is provided and if desired a conference call can be arranged to present the findings.

You can be based anywhere in the world since we do not need physical access to the servers. Your company can be of any size, any sector of activity and you can decide to have as many SQL instances checked as you want.

Unlike other companies there is no waiting list, you can have your Health and Risk Audit delivered tomorrow if you want!


Performance data will be collected and analyzed to identify costly queries and potential bottlenecks in disk, memory and CPU. Execution plans of the top consuming queries will be analysed on a dev/test/pre-prod server and all the recommendations will be provided in a detailed report.

We have solved every single performance issue we have been asked to work on. Having worked for Microsoft as SQL Microsoft Certified Masters has given us the experience which is required to tackle any performance issues.

Using remote control and conference call, we don’t need physical access to your servers so you can be based anywhere in the world. You can also learn from watching us and asking questions so on top of having your performance issues solved, this can be a great learning experience!

Your company can be of any size, any sector of activity and you can decide to have as many SQL instances checked as you want. Unlike other companies there is no long waiting list, you can have your performance tuning session this week if you want!


QUBARK has developed a range of services offering a cost effective and incremental approach to out-tasking the management of SQL server environments. Our services reduce management costs, drive cost savings and deliver a dramatic improvement in service levels.

Environments can be supported on a 24×7 basis, wherever you are in the world. We are able to deliver best-practice administration tasks through our team of highly skilled SQL Server specialists. This service can be customised based on your specific requirements, whether you have a few instances of SQL Server or a larger estate our team can ensure we offer you value and great service.


Services customised based on your requirements. Examples of those customised services are chalk & talk sessions about a subject that you want to know more about, tuning and rewriting of SQL code, design of architecture, cluster or always-on installation, tuning of SSIS packages, migrations, consolidations, etc…

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